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Tips to Consider When Purchasing Land

land with cropsIf you are a potential buyer purchasing raw land here are a few things you need to consider:

Private Sale

Make sure that you consider what type of sale you want to secure prior to working with a real estate agent.  You can purchase land through a private sale.  This will allow for more one-on-one interaction with the landowner. Also, in rural communities discretion is important. Purchasing land privately will reduce advertising and public display signs.

General Warranty Deed

Additionally, you should make sure when securing your land you obtain a general warranty deed this provides the buyer with security that the seller or grantor is transferring a deed free of any type of title issues or encumbrances. You want to make sure that upon the transfer of the deed and title the words “warrant generally” are included in the description.

A Credentials Real Estate Agent

If you do decide to purchase the land with the assistance of a real estate agent make sure they are a licensed realtor and you contact the local Realtors Association and the state oversight agency to make sure the agent is credentialed and does not have a long history of reprimands. Hope this information was helpful as you look to purchase land in the near future.


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