How to Buy Land on Metaverse - Jillian Hishaw Esq.

How to Buy Land on Metaverse

Strategic purchases

Companies such as Invitation Homes, Pretium, Blackstone, and Altisource (aka “Corporate Landlords”) are not just buying any homes. Instead, they select properties with surgical-like precision. This means targeting areas with growing markets and the potential for high rates of returns. In other words, the most desirable properties.

This equates to systematic rent increases, rigid rental qualifications, and aggressive evictions.  Essentially, owning tens of thousands of properties means these companies can set the pace and trends for market rates with such extensive portfolios.


Beyond Physical Residences

Oddly enough, one cannot find respite from real estate and housing woes in virtual reality either. In October 2021, Facebook debuted and changed its name to Metaverse.  On platforms such as this, users can purchase virtual real estate. The popularity has grown such that the market has increased by over 700 percent in 2021 equating to what can be referred to as a massive “Digital Land Grab” wherein people can purchase “plots” of “premium land.” The average investment nearly tripled in 2021 alone with the average sale being around $5,300 in January and $15,000 by December. This means hopeful buyers are outpaced and outbid even in the land of make-believe. Affluent people and corporations are buying up virtual land just like many hedge funds are buying up farmland in the Midwest.


If current trends continue, what will be left for the average person to purchase in their pursuit of happiness?



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