Part II: Amazon's Exploration of Alternative Land Locations in South Africa - Jillian Hishaw Esq.

Part II: Amazon’s Exploration of Alternative Land Locations in South Africa

A search for alternatives.

The opportunity for economic growth with the arrival of an Amazon facility can be significant in areas such as South Africa. With an unemployment rate of 35 percent, the estimated creation of over 19,000 jobs from Amazon is certainly welcomed. However, it should not be at the expense of Indigenous Tribal land. Global juggernauts such as Amazon have the ability to break ground in other locations.

Aside from the facilities themselves, the surrounding areas essentially become a small metropolis as the need to house, feed, and entertain an influx of employees arises. This means increased traffic and further disruption to previously preserved land. For example, Amazon sites would house not only Amazon’s African headquarters but also hotels, shops, and residential living spaces.

No matter if the facility is in the US or South Africa, the epidemic of development for the “good of” Black (or in this case South African people) is often led by the assertion that job creation will benefit people who would otherwise have fewer economic opportunities. However, the truth is the gentrification that follows often results in the illegal taking of Black and/or indigenous-owned property.

This is just another example of land theft to learn more about the history of immoral land theft in the US and aboard purchase my full book “Systematic Land Theft,” located on my site.


To learn more read Anna Cooban, “Court Halts Construction on Amazon’s Africa HQ on sacred land,” CNN Business (March 21, 2022)

Brad Dress, Judge orders construction of Amazon headquarters in South Africa to stop. The Hill (March 23, 2022)


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