African Development Fund Commits Millions to Climate Reform - Jillian Hishaw Esq.

African Development Fund Commits Millions to Climate Reform

Did you know, the average American drinks 182.5 gallons of water each year. Quenching our thirst is easy as making a trip to the kitchen or store. Access to water is indeed one of life’s simple pleasures we may take for granted. However, this is not the case for people across the globe. In fact, a lack of freshwater is known as “water scarcity” with countries in Africa and the Middle East experiencing the most severe deficits.  

The country of Tanzania, along the eastern coast of Africa, is one such area that suffers from water scarcity and thereby, a sanitation crisis. A lack of freshwater often results in poor hygiene and waterborne illnesses which lead to a number of additional health concerns beyond hydration. The water crisis in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, affects an estimated 29 million of its 59 million residents. 

Currently, those who lack access to clean water are left with no choice but to travel great distances to collect. Much of this responsibility for sourcing water lies with women and children who are thus unable to perform other tasks such as working or going to school.  

Fortunately for the citizens of Tanzania, the African Development Fund is stepping up to help fund the first phase of construction for a dam and water treatment plant. It will cover 94% ($125.3 million) while the Tanzanian government will fund the remaining 6%. The improved water supply will help the residents of Dodoma City as well as the towns of Bahi, Chemb, and Chamwino. 

Approximately 2 million people will have access to potable water and sanitation services. As an added benefit, the project will create 640 jobs in construction and operations. The much-anticipated project is expected to start in March 2022 with the overall goal of supporting the Tanzanian vision of becoming a middle-income and semi-industrialized economy by 2025.